Career Ladders Project promotes equity-minded community college redesign.

What we do & how we work

We collaborate with colleges and their partners to discover, develop, and disseminate effective practices. Our policy work, research, and direct efforts with colleges lead to system change—and enable more students to attain certificates, degrees, transfers, and career advancement.

How we build capacity for equity-minded redesign

on campus event

We provide strategic advising and customized on-campus support


students in classWe facilitate Guided Pathways and inclusive redesign processes


SIA Tech CLP workshopWe coordinate regional and statewide workshops and online learning events

How we elevate promising practices

College and Career at HartnellWe collaborate with colleges and support efforts at the leading edge of redesign


online support

We provide online guides to support inquiry and redesign and highlight promising initiatives through case studies


tools for practitioners

Our tools support processes like mapping meta-majors or creating a dual enrollment partnership

How we advance student-centered policy reform

practitioners and policy

We convene practitioners and policy leaders to form recommendations for system change


equity puzzle

We work with philanthropy, reform-minded leaders, and partner organizations to move recommendations into action


CLP publications

We publish timely policy briefs



Impacts of our work

For students: improved college experience; faster progress; higher rates of completion of certificates, degrees, transfers, and career advancement

For educators: customized support; capacity-building; networks; higher profiles.

For the community college system: exchange of innovative approaches to increase equity and student success

For policy-makers: clarification of barriers to progress and of opportunities for change

Our key issues

Guided Pathways redesign: supporting colleges in their inquiry, design, and implementation of equity-minded reforms

Transitions to college: dual enrollment; bridge experiences; counseling and support services; alignment of career pathways across educational systems

Supports for accelerated progress: contextualized teaching and learning; integrated and proactive student services; improved placement processes

Career advancement: counseling and career services; development of equity-minded pathways to certificates, degrees, transfer, and employment.