Dual Enrollment for Equitable Completion

Webinar Series Concludes and New Project Launches

09 Dec 2020

CLP’s monthly dual enrollment problem-solving webinar series concludes this week with a focus on dual enrollment integrated with guided pathways redesign. Since the first webinar in late March shortly after the onset of COVID-19, dual enrollment practitioners from more than 80 colleges have tuned in to collaborate with colleagues and innovate solutions to the challenge of moving online. These conversations have helped inform the approach to CLP’s new project, Dual Enrollment for Equitable Completion in California, which just launched its next phase.

Supported by the College Futures Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this project will lay the foundation for growing high-quality dual enrollment across the state. Partner sites will develop and share successful strategies to ensure Black, Latinx, and low-income students participate and succeed in dual enrollment—and, ultimately, continue on to attain college degrees. The new phase, a community of practice cohort, officially launched last week with the first convening of high school/college partnerships anchored by four colleges: Compton College, East Los Angeles College, Fresno City College, and Hartnell College. Two additional partnership sites will join them in early 2021.

High school and college partners in the cohort will focus on implementation of dual enrollment as an equitable completion strategy integrated into guided pathways redesign. Learnings from the partnership sites will inform development of a framework for integrating dual enrollment with guided pathways reforms. CLP will also engage educational equity organizations and policy makers in strategic dialogues about expanding completion-focused, equitable dual enrollment.

We’ll be sharing this work with CLP’s statewide Dual Enrollment Community of Practice. To join the virtual statewide community, click here.

And remember to zoom in to the last dual enrollment problem-solving webinar on guided pathways and dual enrollment, 10 a.m. Thursday, December 10. Recordings and slides from past webinars are also available.