Design Survey Course Engages High School Students at Laney College

02 Jun 2014

“We started the skilled trades course because we want to get high school students engaged and aware of the different skilled trades such as wood tech, carpentry, machining, and welding,” said Mark Martin, Director of the Manufacture and Workforce Development at Laney College.

The Career Ladders Project filmed the iDesign Skilled Trades Survey course at Laney College last summer in Oakland, California. This video highlights the four-week program that exposed students to four different programs offered at the college as they built a trebuchet for their final project. The group, that was predominantly high school students, sampled different skillsets and received college credit for their coursework.

“It’s so exciting to see kids and teachers putting academic subjects into real-life projects,” said Oakland Unified Superintendent Gary Yee. “I think the most important thing is to get teachers to understand how important this work-based learning and hands-on experiences is and that it’s directly related to their academic success.”

Career Technical Education programs continue to increase student’s educational options and are vital for preparing students for college and career advancement. The iDesign Skilled Trades Survey course is just one of the many dual-enrollment opportunities that can introduce students to college and career options. The course was expanded into a semester-long class in 2014 and will be offered for college credit during the summer and fall semesters at Laney College.