A Case Study as a Framework for Integrating Student Success Efforts

Report cover page: title and decorative imageThe purpose of this Brief is to explore how Guided Pathways can unify different initiatives by providing an overarching framework for cross-functional campus inquiry and integrated planning. It also addresses how having shared metrics can help the integrated planning process. This Brief reviews some of the early evidence on the effectiveness of Guided Pathways and argues that it provides an excellent framework for integrating existing
California-based initiatives such as the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), Student Equity (SE), the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), the Basic Skills Student Outcomes and transformation (BSSOT) Program, and the Strong Workforce Program (SWP).

Integrated planning aligns goals, priorities, and resources across college initiatives and funding streams. When done well, it can ensure that solutions are not implemented in isolation and are scalable for all students.

Prepared by Career Ladders Project
September 2018