Reimagining the Role of Counselors in Supporting Student College and Career Success

Report Cover Page- title and decorative imageThrough generous support from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office’s SB 1070 Career Pathways Program and the California Department of Education’s California Career Pathways Trust grants, Orange County counselors have been collaborating on building linkages across K-12 and postsecondary education systems to provide clear pathways for student success. Counselors are at the forefront of working with students to navigate career pathways and assisting them in charting the most efficient way to achieve their goals.

In order to support students in achieving this success, counselors need a new playbook that moves beyond simply serving as an academic adviser. They need to understand labor market data and career guidance systems—examples of the information and critical tools that are now transforming the profession. Keeping current with this range of resources is not a solo endeavor.

Prepared by Career Ladders Project and SB 1070 Career Pathways