System Wide Data Sharing

What is it?

System-wide data sharing is a critical component to building a strong K-12 and community college partnership.  Without good information, organizations cannot understand their transition challenges or have the basis to know where to improve their policy and practice.  Data is the foundation on which a partnership can be built, strengthened, and sustained.

What are the indicators of success/progress?

    • A broad data sharing agreement between the K-12 and community college systems is established and sustained (student level data as well as aggregated)
    • A commitment exists from both research offices (K12 and CC) to continually work in collaboration to analyze data regularly – OR – both systems provide data to a 3rd party researcher for regular analysis
    • Data is reviewed and presented to highest level leadership at both K-12 and community college systems at least once per year
    • Shared academic metrics at various loss points (where students are leaving the system) in the pipeline is established
    • A commitment exists to analyze and review equity/achievement gap data between both systems

What research supports this work?

“You Can’t Point Fingers at Data” Cross-agency Collaboration and Shared Data from a Community Perspective
Maureen Carew, Laurie Scolari Ed.D., and Oded Gurantz

It has been published in the book entitled, From Data to Action: A Community Approach to Improving Youth Outcomes Harvard Education Press, April 2013
This book is a guide for educators, civic leaders, and researchers looking for ways to leverage data to identify the most effective policies, interventions, and use of resources for their communities.

Tying Funding to Community College Outcomes: Models, Tools and Recommendations for States
Jobs for the Future, April 2012

This report documents the work and lessons learned in multiple states to shift to performance-based funding models and the effective use of data to drive those changes.

Promising Pathways: The Potential of High School Data to Spur Student Progress and Achievement
Long Beach City College