Research shows that high school students who take community college courses through dual enrollment get better grades in high school and are more likely to enter and stay in college — and attain a degree or a certificate.

Play the Dual Enrollment Game to learn how we can do more to bring this promise to life.

The object of the game is to earn college credit. Taking the role of students, players make progress thanks to factors on the yellow cards, or they are forced into detours described on blue cards.

At the beginning of each turn, a player rolls the dice and moves the matching number of spaces. Depending where you land, one of three things happens next:

  1. If you land on a blank square, or a square that contains the top of a ladder or bottom of a slide, pick a card of the same color as the square, read the card, and follow its instructions.
  2. If you land at the foot of a ladder, climb it and advance but do not draw a card. Or…
  3. Watch out! If you land at the top of a slide, you tumble to its bottom without drawing a card.

The first to the top earns college credit!

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Dr. Naomi Castro |