Tips for participating in a Zoom meeting

You can master Zoom by taking these four steps:

  1. Log in early.
  2. Ensure your devices are connected with each other if you’re using more than one.
  3. Always assume your video is on.
  4. Mute yourself whenever you aren’t talking, and use the chat function to share written messages (headphones can be helpful too).

Logging in

If you have never used Zoom, it can take up to 10 minutes to download the software the first time. After that, it’s advisable to allow a few minutes before a webinar begins to start up  Zoom and ensure everything is working.

Connecting your devices

If you will call in with a different device from the one you’re using for video, please link them so the host and other participants can identify you when you speak. To do this, dial # plus your Participant ID number plus # (e.g., #46#). 

Using your camera

To turn your camera on or off, click the video icon in the bottom left corner of your Zoom screen (a red line indicates your video is off).

Muting yourself, and using headphones and chat

Unmute yourself only when you speak (this is easiest to do by clicking the microphone icon in the lower-left corner). It’s also helpful to wear headphones with a mic, both for you and for others (we hear you more clearly — and we don’t hear the dog barking). The chat (click the word “chat” at the middle bottom of your Zoom screen, then look in the panel that opens on the right) is a great place to raise questions or highlight technical issues like “it’s hard to hear.” Hosts may mute some or all participants, but they usually leave the chat open. Look for messages from your host. Your host will send slides or handouts in advance and let everyone know when the Zoom has started.