Transitions from foster care, alternative schools, and incarceration

CLP supported the creation of Gateway Programs to connect disadvantaged youth and adults to postsecondary education and high-wage, high-growth career pathways. Partnerships created in this work included Workforce Investment Boards, community colleges, social service agencies, community based organizations, and foundations.

This work was made possible by funding from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation.

Each Gateway Program included:

    • 14- to 18-week intensive learning community
    • 12 college credits (216 hours)
    • Intensive English and math skills
    • In-class counselor
    • Financial aid
    • Social support and case management
    • Orientation to career and educational opportunities
    • Transition to post-secondary training in high wage, high growth career pathway, certificate or AA/AAS degree program.
    • Targeted industries: allied health, biotechnology manufacturing, construction and other skilled trades (including aviation, automotive and heavy equipment mechanics), energy and petrochemicals, financial services.

Elements that supported sustainability:

    • Community college per capita support
    • WIA adult and youth training resources
    • Social service agency in/kind support

Gateway Programs at Fresno City College and Los Medanos College were featured on TV news stations.