ELAC’s leaders are deeply committed to providing supports and dedicated staff to ensure that underserved students can study within structures that lead to their success. ELAC’s large dual enrollment program, which is growing fast, serves students in traditional, alternative and charter high schools across a wide region. Six key features stand out:

    1. Commitment to community — ELAC’s program pairs dual enrollment with noncredit adult classes, based on local need, that help families see college as a resource for the entire community.
    2. Dedicated structure — Dual enrollment functions are consolidated and provide a single point of contact for students, families, and high school partners. Current ELAC students regularly visit high schools to provide information about attending ELAC.
    3. Pathway model — Options range from work-based learning with partners such as UPS to earning all required general-education transfer units before graduating high school.
    4. Support from leadership — Leaders, including ELAC’s president and local K-12 superintendents, meet regularly to coordinate and support dual enrollment.
    5. Carefully designed implementation — ELAC meshes its offerings with high school programming, by coordinating with existing schedules, offering instruction online with support at high schools, and structuring college and career exploration.
    6. Enrollment support and student support — ELAC allows high school students to enroll first and submit paperwork later, which streamlines administrative workflow and clarifies the process for students. From the Jaime Escalante noncredit summer math program to career counseling, ELAC focuses on supporting students to succeed.

“Now we have a family of
learners that come in. And the
parents themselves become a role
model for their child, showing
them how to be college students.”
— Miguel Duenas, Associate Dean,
Student Services, ELAC