A Vision for Equity in Success, Access, and Support

28 Sep 2023

Vision 2023The California Community Colleges Board of Governors this week approved the Vision 2030 framework, continuing the state’s momentum to enable learners of all ages and backgrounds to succeed in college and career. Centered on three goals–equity in success, equity in access and equity in support– the framework builds on the foundation of the Vision for Success and is aligned with the state’s Multi-Year Roadmap for the California Community Colleges and Governor Newsom’s recent executive order on career education.

“Vision 2030 envisions a higher education system more inclusive of all Californians that ensures access points for every learner – across race, ethnicity, region, class and gender – to enter a pathway with tailored supports, with exit points to transfer or complete a community college baccalaureate or to obtain a job with family sustaining wages,’’ said California Community Colleges Chancellor Sonya Christian.

The Vision 2030 framework incorporates a shift in approach to bring college to students. This is essential in the post-pandemic landscape, as remote and hybrid learning modalities present new opportunities to reach students who might have dropped out and not returned. But it will be imperative to attend to equity and support for remote learners, because access to technology is highly variable and often lacking in under-resourced communities.

The CCCCO noted it intends to continue to update the framework in a collaborative approach, and the Board of Governors is scheduled to review the document again at its January meeting.