Activating Networks for Equitable Counseling

29 Oct 2022

CLP’s newest project will explore student-centered, equity-minded approaches to counseling. Supported by funding from the College Futures Foundation, the project will begin to uncover issues and innovations emerging from the field as we bring together counselors to develop a shared understanding of what it means to center equity in counseling. The next step is coming later this fall, as we launch a new, virtual community of practice for counselors. We’d love for you to join us on this journey—more information will be coming soon!

Because of the pivotal role played by counselors in a student’s college experience, CLP has partnered extensively with counselors and student services staff on many past projects. These experiences led us to set up the California Counseling Network (CACN), an online community of practice. At its start, CACN provided a virtual community for groups of college and high school counselors working on regional projects funded by California Career Pathways Trust grants. It then evolved into a general community of practice for counselors and student services professionals.

The new community of practice will build off of CACN’s history and energy. CACN members have been the creative spark behind several recent CLP webinar series including Equity-grounded Counseling: Serving Black Students, Counselor Conversations: Strengthening Our Practice with Equity in Mind, and Lessons from the Pandemic: Implementing Systemic Changes in Counseling and Student Services.

A number of CLP tools also touch on the topic of equity-minded counseling. Here’s a list of CLP resources, along with recent publications from partner organizations.