CA Cloud Workforce Project Reaches Students Through Virtual Events

28 Sep 2020

Did you know that cloud computing has been the number one job category posted on LinkedIn for five years running? Cloud computing has upended business practices in industry after industry and represents one of the most sought after skills today. Over 100 students attended the California Cloud Workforce Consortium’s outreach event, “Cloud Init,” to learn about the industry and regional cloud computing pathway programs across 19 Los Angeles-area community colleges and local high schools. This virtual orientation and enrollment welcome day was held in August. Highlights from the event included alumni from colleges across the region who shared their experiences in the program, described the process for obtaining a certification, and talked about their current employment and exciting projects they’re working on. College faculty welcomed students and facilitated zoom breakout sessions to introduce the CA Cloud Core Program.

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Cloud Init is the latest of many virtual events organized by the CA Cloud Computing Workforce project, which is funded by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office under the Strong Workforce Program. Last May, they hosted a virtual “Regional Cloud Day” for students from over 20 community colleges to learn more about cloud computing careers from industry leaders featured in two panel discussions moderated by Career Ladders Project, and in six breakout sessions led by industry and faculty leaders.

The 160 students, faculty, and staff who attended the Regional Cloud Day learned how to prepare for upcoming certifications, interviews, and job applications, in addition to hearing about different career paths within the cloud computing sector. Students attended individual breakout sessions to learn more about platforms and technologies related to cloud computing such as Amazon Web Services, Alexa Skills, AWS Deep Racer, Big Data Technologies, Machine Learning, and Cloud Career Preparedness. CLP facilitated further engagement throughout the day, in which students interacted directly with industry partners, asking specific questions about cloud technologies as well as more general questions around cloud computing-related employment, while making critical connections with industry leaders. CLP has worked with Santa Monica College and the CA Cloud Workforce Consortium since the project’s inception, helping to support planning and design along with the project launch in 2018.

Recordings and resources

    • Watch a video about the CA Cloud Workforce Project.
    • View the recording from Cloud Init, the regional welcome day including interviews with students and graduates of the Cloud Computing program, August 2020.
    • View the agenda and recordings from panel discussions and breakout sessions at Regional Cloud Day, May 2020.

To learn more about cloud careers, the community college programs, or for students wanting to learn about how to prepare for certifications and job applications, visit the CA Cloud Workforce website.