Case Study: Bridging High School, College and Industry for Students in a Career Academy

26 Jun 2018

In a new report, Bridging High School, College, and Industry: A Case Study and Lessons for the Field, CLP highlights successes achieved and lessons learned by a unique partnership centered on the Computer Science & Technology Academy at Skyline High School in Oakland.

“The key is to provide the resources and the structure for the relationships to build,” says Mark Frey, Skyline CS&T teacher and founder.

This report recounts how Berkeley City College, Skyline High and the Oakland Unified School District, and  global software company SAP collaborated to strengthen a pathway into careers that depend on technology. They identified gaps that cause many young people, particularly youth of color or students from low-income families, to lose momentum and they zeroed in on strategies to support student success.

This collaborative partnership at Skyline High is one of three SAP Early College Initiatives in the U.S. Highlights from the report were previewed at the JFF Horizons Conference on June 13 in New Orleans, where CLP co-presented with SAP, CUNY, and JFF on the experience of developing and maintaining these complex partnerships.