A Case Study of Three California Community Colleges

12 Sep 2018

A new CLP brief explores how colleges can use Guided Pathways to bring together innovation, people, and resources across initiatives. It highlights the stories of three California community colleges that have worked to align various initiatives and used Guided Pathways design principles to focus their planning efforts.

This brief argues that guided pathways is not just another initiative, but an evidence-based framework for tying together different initiatives and student success efforts.

“There is not a prescriptive way to do pathways, because it is a framework. Guided Pathways looks different at every college,” says Jeff Archibald, communications faculty member and vice president of the Academic Senate at Mt. San Antonio College. “It encourages an institution to look at data and the key design principles and figure out what the institution can do in response. Guided Pathways is not an initiative. It is institutional transformation, and none of the other initiatives have actually done that.”