26 Oct 2021

Research indicates that students will change their major three times on average while in college. First-generation college students and students farthest from opportunity struggle more with understanding how college pathways impact their ability to transition from college to career and which degrees will fulfill both their interests and their economic needs. Research also suggests that 65% of future jobs don’t exist yet. How can we prepare students to be resilient enough to successfully navigate an uncertain future of work?

Colleges are finding ways to build exposure to careers and pathways throughout a student’s journey. The strategies that colleges are using to integrate careers as they engage in redesign is the focus of the newest unit of CLP’s Guided Pathways Design Guide for Integrating Student Supports. The online guide features guiding principles, key components, and a “Getting Started” guide to help college teams navigate their own approach to integrating careers. Innovative examples from City College of San Francisco, Lake Tahoe Community College, Sierra College, and Santa Monica College are also highlighted.

Other units in the online Design Guide cover key stages of the student’s journey: Onboarding, the First Year, and Counseling. The next unit on Transitions will be released later this fall. CLP developed the content for each unit based on research and interviews with college leaders to learn how they are working to more proactively support students–by meeting students where they are, with support when they need it. The goal is to provide college leaders with tools and resources that are easy to apply in the context of college redesign efforts.

Share Your Story, Give Us Feedback

This Design Guide will continue to evolve and grow with the field. If you have a story of a transformation your college has recently implemented through guided pathways redesign efforts, we would love to hear it!

Submit your story now or navigate to the “Your Story” section in the menu of the Design Guide and tell us about your college’s redesign work.

To provide other feedback, or if you are interested in contributing to the units still in development, please contact Michelle Simotas.


The Design Guide was developed by CLP with funding from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.