High-Impact Pathways

High Impact Pathways

HIP is a CLP-guided approach that helps connect progressive levels of education to prepare students for success in both college and career. The pathways framework links systems of education to in-demand 21st-century skills, addressing the dynamic needs of today’s students and regional economies.

The Goal

CLP supports the design of pathways that meet the needs of students balancing the demands of work, school, and family. We work with regional stakeholders to focus on aligning academics and skills acquisition so that local industry finds the skilled workforce they need and students increase their employability as they progress through successive levels of education.

The Approach

Using CLP-developed tools and templates, we bring educators, employers, and community stakeholders together to create pipelines that focus on academic and career success in this global and technology-based economy. HIP deepens the linkages between high school, higher education, and regional industries, through a framework that addresses the needs of job seekers and employers.