Learning Clusters are events that bring together colleges in one region to learn from one another about Guided Pathways. Practitioners from a host college share their promising approach to one aspect of Guided Pathways inquiry, design, or implementation. Capacity-builders may help curate a Learning Cluster. These events are designed to:

    • Foster regional relationships and exchanges: Clusters create opportunities to learn from and connect with peers.
    • Deepen peer-to-peer learning: Each Learning Cluster focuses on one aspect of Guided Pathways redesign.
    • Expand access to learning: Including an online component allows events to reach more practitioners.

This guide assumes you will use the Zoom video platform (which is available at no cost to California community colleges through the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, or CCCCO). It is intended to support capacity-builders or host colleges that take on the task of coordinating a Learning Cluster. You can apply the approach to platforms other than Zoom.

Authors of this guide | Cristina Sandoval and Sia Smith-Miyazaki
This guide is a product of Career Ladders Project.