Pathway map examples

Career pathways maps increase career and college access, success, and equity for students.

Maps clarify and align programs and services; they link increasing levels of certification, education, and employment; and they support students in choosing among the opportunities that interest them. Clear maps — and program and system alignment — enable more students to attain credentials with labor market value and earn wages that sustain their families.

Recent projects include the CCPT work with the Santa Clarita Community College District (see above), Mira Costa College District sessions in 2017 and 2018, and a City College of San Francisco mapping summit in 2017.

At CCSF, collaborating with faculty and staff, CLP created a three-phase approach to inquiry and redesign of seven key pathways: Culinary and Hospitality, Childhood Education and Family Studies, Automotive and Auto Body, Information Community Technology (Computer Science and CNIT), Carpentry and Construction Management, Business (credit and noncredit), and Health Education.The team met ahead of the summit to review map templates, review the process, and brainstorm whom to invite and what information to gather (about early college credit opportunities, industry certificates, the local labor market, and more). During the event, CLP and CCSF faculty and staff worked to capture curricula; degrees and certificates; industry certifications; and more. The day ended with a dinner and sharing of takeaways and draft maps.

  • Here is CLP’s presentation framing the one-day summit at CCSF in 2017 — Navigating Pathways.

At Mira Costa, CLP supported the team in producing maps of pathways including El Camino, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Diego and San Dieguito high schools and California Street Academy (linked below at “completed pathway maps”). Here are plans that emerged from some of the sessions:

CLP has supported numerous schools, districts, and partnerships to map their programs and pathways. Here are some of the resulting maps, plus a guide describing the process:

Career Pathways Mapping Toolkit