Intersegmental Alignment

Dual Enrollment Snapshots

Students who participate in high-quality dual enrollment during high school are more likely to graduate, enter college, and persist in college to completion than their peers who don’t. Some studies [...]

Pathway map examples

Career pathways maps increase career and college access, success, and equity for students.

Maps clarify and align programs and services; they link increasing levels of certification, education, and [...]

Dual Enrollment: Moving to an Electronic Form

Career Ladders Project convened a small group of dual enrollment practitioners in a “think tank” in fall 2019, funded by the College Futures Foundation, focused on improving the paper-based enrollment [...]

K-16 Transitions in a Guided Pathways Framework

An overview of three essential components of transition strategies
What connection means: K-12 schools and districts, community colleges, four-year institutions, employers, and community organizations connect through collective [...]