31 Oct 2023

It was great to see everyone at this year’s SSSC. CLP presented three breakout sessions and two post-conference workshops. Access slide decks and resources below.

Equitable Dual Enrollment: Lessons Learned from a Community of Practice
In this breakout, college practitioners shared how they’ve leveraged learnings from a community of practice to improve equitable access to dual enrollment. Presenters explained the structure and development of the community of practice, from site selection to monthly meeting topics and resources shared, and described how the structure can be brought back to campuses and modified for local context. Participants learned about each college’s journey to provide more equitable dual enrollment including navigating challenges and highlighting bright spots. View slides.SSSC 2023

Success Coaching Across California: Emerging Models
Many colleges are adopting and implementing success coaching models accelerated by Guided Pathways. This session focused on examples of early learning and success in building collaborative and integrative approaches that ensure that coaches and counselors effectively collaborate. A panel of community college support/success coaches shared their experiences, outcomes, and lessons learned. Participants identified and exchanged different approaches to (1) student support and (2) successful collaboration. View slides.

Redesigning Practices to Intentionally Engage Adult Learners: Leveraging Regional Approaches to Implement Ability to Benefit
This breakout session covered a federal program called Ability to Benefit (ATB), which can support adult learners in transitioning to college through the use of federal financial aid. Practitioners from Saddleback College shared how its adult education program is redesigning practices to engage adult learners. And practitioners from Coast Community College District described how they partnered with CLP and other community-based organizations to provide a series of regional professional development sessions and shared inquiry to support building and scaling ATB in the region. View slides and access CLP’s user guide for ATB and adult dual enrollment.

Designing the Future: Toward Equitable Counseling and Student Supports in the CCCs
This post-conference workshop began with a facilitated dialogue about the experience and future of counseling in the California community colleges. Counselors, success coaches, and student services team members shared their progress and some of the key infrastructure and capacity constraints they’ve addressed along the way. Participants explored how student experience and equity can be at the center of counseling and student supports going forward as they strive to be equity champions on their campuses. View slides.

Leveling the Playing Field: College Pathways Begin in the Ninth Grade
Dual enrollment is expanding in California and across the nation. The state recently invested $700 million for high schools to expand equitable dual enrollment, and the new CCC Chancellor has indicated that this will be a high priority for the system for the immediate and foreseeable future. How are colleges managing these new expectations? How do we ensure that equity is at the center of expansion efforts, and how can we work together to change the generational trajectories of students from communities underserved by higher education in California? What would it look like if all ninth grade students had an introductory dual enrollment course and an education plan that included 12 or more units of college credit by the time they graduate? This post-conference workshop explored concrete strategies to expand equitable dual enrollment, including creating a strategic action plan, focusing recruitment and outreach, identifying and removing implementation barriers, and making quick progress with colleges’ high school partners. View slides.