California Community Colleges are a Powerful Engine of Upward Mobility

We Promote Equity-Minded Community College Redesign

Guided Pathways

CLP supports California community colleges as they build their capacity for redesign and they implement institutional change.

Dual Enrollment

Participants in high-quality dual enrollment are more likely to graduate high school, enter college, and reach their college goals.

Redesigning Student Supports

CLP collaborates with community colleges to reimagine how to support students and smooth their completion of certificates, degrees, and transfers.

Inclusive Design

CLP is developing a process for rooting design in a shared understanding of students’ experience and in the pursuit of collective goals.

Career Pathways Mapping

Clear pathway maps enable students to advance through college more efficiently, attain credentials with labor market value, and reach their goals faster.

Transitions to College

Addressing all trajectories to college — from high school, adult education, prison, foster care, homeschooling, and more — is critical for equity in college access and persistence.

California Community Colleges are a System of Change

New Regulations for Ability to Benefit and California’s Career Pathways

[I]n California, colleges and adult school partnerships can now use adult dual enrollment as a lever to “turn on” ATB and support adult learners without a diploma/equivalency in accessing federal financial aid.

Counselors and Holistic Student Supports

There’s a renewed statewide focus on counseling and student services. CLP’s project centered on equitable counseling is among the new initiatives and efforts focused on exploring how colleges can better support students.

A New Day for Dual Enrollment in California

Long acknowledged as an effective acceleration strategy, dual enrollment has emerged as a powerful equity strategy when designed for the success of students who might not otherwise attend college.

We work with Community Colleges throughout California


Transitioning Adult Learners to College A User Guide for Ability to Benefit and Adult Dual Enrollment

CLP’s user guide, Transitioning Adult Learners to College: A User Guide for Ability to Benefit and Adult Dual Enrollment, supports practitioners in designing an approach that uses adult dual enrollment and ATB in tandem. Adult learners can begin to accumulate college credit toward a certificate or degree while they work toward meeting the ATB criteria and becoming eligible for federal financial aid.


Equity Walk at Compton College

CLP worked in partnership with Compton College to develop a digital equity walk based on Fullerton College’s campus equity walk, an exercise to gain insight into how students experience the college. The student-centered redesign case study and tool, Equity Walk at Compton College, was developed to share Compton College’s story and to help colleges design and implement their own equity walks.



Design Guide for Integrating Student Supports

Career Ladders Project has launched an online Guided Pathways Design Guide for Integrating Student Supports into the community college student’s journey. The team has spent the last year researching and interviewing college leaders to learn how they are working to more proactively support students–by meeting students where they are, with support when they need it.



We support and enhance their efforts to deliver on the promise of education and community-building through equity-minded redesign. Our program is supported by the following three pillars:


We coach, advise, and connect action-oriented colleges, leaders, and their partners in the community on innovations and experiments that improve student success.


We research and demonstrate promising approaches, raise the profile of colleges leading change, and we share our findings through policy briefs and tools for the field.


We connect policymakers with colleges and the information they use to identify barriers and opportunities for a more equity-minded and effective education system.