Stories from the Field: Guided Pathways

Career Ladders Project offers stories illustrating how California community colleges are redesigning their programs and structures. Each college faces different challenges and opportunities, depending on a variety of factors. College [...]

Success Coaches: Pasadena City College

The Beginning
To develop a first-year experience, PCC introduced success coaches as part of its “guided entry” process, beginning in 2011 with four. In 2012, they added a counseling [...]

Summer Jam: Pasadena City College

The Beginning
Jam began in 2006 as a two-week workshop intended to ease first-year students’ math anxiety. It was funded by an Irvine Foundation grant (through SSPIRE) for three [...]

Examples of Guided Pathways Redesign

Career Ladders Project supports the inquiry, design, implementation, and assessment of Guided Pathways in California community colleges. To build capacity for evidence-based institutional redesign, focused on equity, we collaborate with [...]