Bridging High School, College, and Industry

A Case Study and Lessons for the Field
Partnerships among secondary and postsecondary educational institutions and employers that aim to prepare students of diverse backgrounds for college and careers [...]

College and Career Pathway Development

Clear pathways to college and career provide critical support for students in their transition into successful careers. Early access and exposure to sector-based pathways supports students in setting goals and [...]

Big Ideas in Workforce Innovation: A Three-Part Series

02 Aug 2017

The California Workforce Development Board (State Board) has released a three-part series, Big Ideas in Workforce Innovation, created by Career Ladders Project.

CLP documented emerging lessons from key State [...]

Orange County K-14 Career Pathways

Reimagining the Role of Counselors in Supporting Student College and Career Success
Through generous support from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office’s SB 1070 Career Pathways Program and the [...]

Health Career Pathways at California Community Colleges

15 Dec 2016

Linda Collins, executive director of Career Ladders Project, joined a panel discussion on Dec. 1 about health career pathways at California’s community colleges. Hosted by the Public Policy Institute of [...]

Crossing Boundaries to Develop Effective Pathways

Career Pathway Development Across Ten East Bay Community Colleges
A Career Pathway is a series of structured and connected education programs and support services that enable students to advance [...]