Moving Student Supports Online, a CLP Webinar series

28 Apr 2020

To support student services staff and administrators and counselors at community colleges across California as they re-orient to an all-online world, CLP hosted a series of four conversations via Zoom in April:

  • On April 8, in the first webinar, Dr. Cynthia Olivo from Pasadena City College and Val Garcia from West Hills College Lemoore, both vice presidents of student services, shared how they are addressing immediate needs of students during the coronavirus pandemic and making the transition to delivering student supports online. Here is the recording, and here are the presentations offered.
  • On April 15, three veteran California Community College counselors (Rebecca LaCount from Solano, Lupe Dannels from Diablo Valley College and Derek Majors from LA Trade Tech) shared how their colleges are addressing students’ physical and mental wellbeing, using tech to communicate, and making counseling available. Here is the recording, and here is the presentation.
  • On April 22, classified staff (Natalie Halsell from Riverside, Grace Beltran from Skyline and Sandra Verala from San Joaquin Delta) — considered the “front line” — shared new ways they have developed to build relationships and provide students with hands-on, real-time support while working from home. Here is the recording, and here is the presentation.
  • On April 29, Nzingha Dugas from Umoja Community and Julia Vergara from the Puente Project discussed how they are adapting their academic support and community building practices during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.  California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Oakley joined Puente and Umoja in emphasizing the centrality of closing equity gaps as colleges continue their redesign processes.  Here is the recording, and here is the presentation.

Here are post-webinar pláticas (chats) with the presenters that cover more questions

April 8 webinar

April 15 webinar

April 22 webinar

April 29 webinar


Additional material provided during the webinars


This webinar series is produced by Career Ladders Project with funding from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.