Tools for Integrating Careers in Guided Pathways Redesign

26 Oct 2021

Research indicates that students will change their major three times on average while in college. First-generation college students and students farthest from opportunity struggle more with understanding how college pathways [...]

SSSC 2021 Breakout Session Presentations

25 Oct 2021

CLP co-presented two breakout sessions at this year’s Strengthening Student Success Conference.

A Community Engagement Approach to Dual Enrollment for Equity

Community engagement increases dual enrollment [...]

Recordings and Resources from the CaCN Roundtable Series

24 May 2021

The six-part roundtable series, Conversations with Counselors: Strengthening our Practice with Equity in Mind, was designed by California Counseling Network (CaCN) members to connect counselors across the community college system, [...]