Dual Enrollment: Moving to an Electronic Form

Career Ladders Project convened a small group of dual enrollment practitioners in a “think tank” in fall 2019, funded by the College Futures Foundation, focused on improving the paper-based enrollment [...]

K-16 Transitions in a Guided Pathways Framework

An overview of three essential components of transition strategies
What connection means: K-12 schools and districts, community colleges, four-year institutions, employers, and community organizations connect through collective [...]

Site Exchange Guide

Colleges across California that are undertaking the momentous process of Guided Pathways redesign can learn from one another’s ideas and approaches, missteps, and successes. 

This guide summarizes the [...]

Learning Cluster Webinar Guide

Learning Clusters are events that bring together colleges in one region to learn from one another about Guided Pathways. Practitioners from a host college share their promising approach to one [...]

Creating Partnerships: Dual Enrollment

Professional development for K-12 and college practitioners!
Career Ladders Project offers workshops and professional development on building and managing dual enrollment in California. Here are videos, presentations, and information [...]